LindsayRoseHealReikiWorking together is often a unique experience.
I have a combination of skills and methods that allow us to work on all 3 levels of your health: Body + Mind + Spirit.

From massage for the body, reiki and intuitive energy healing for the mind and drops of spiritual wisdom for the spirit, you can exhale and relax knowing all your needs will be taken care of.

What this really means is that each and every session you have with me is special and unique, based on where you are at right now. Sometimes it will be your body that will get more attention through massage. In another session we might find that the best way to relieve the uncomfortableness is through releasing energy that is stuck or stagnant that is preventing you from fully moving forward. Often your session will be a combination of treatments for the body, mind and spirit.

You tell me what you need, what you want to let go of and how you ideally how you want to feel and my intuition will guide the way. All you have to do is simply lay down, breathe, relax and I’ll do the rest.

Sound like what you’re looking for?
Great! It’s meant to be! I look forward to working together very soon.

You can easily book yourself in through my online appointment scheduler .

Session Rates
75 minute Session - $90

90 minute Session - $110

Pre-Registered Reiki Student Session - $60

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Learn more about the techniques I use...

  • Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing

    Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) and Intuitive Energy Healing practices are built on the concept that everything in this world has an energetic vibration. From music and sound frequencies, to plants, to the cells in your body, it all has been scientifically proven to be energetic.

    As a Reiki Master, my specialty lies in feeling and sensing where negative energy is stuck in your body or energy field and will gently release it and replace it with positive, more beneficial energy. The experiences we go through in our lives, both positive and negative, have a tendency to get stuck energetically within us. When released, it allows you to continue to move forward on all levels - the body, mind and spirit. My strong intuition and gift for sensing these energies is what makes me unique from most other reiki and energy practitioners.

    I am strongly guided by my intuition to assess exactly what your body & mind need for each of your sessions.

    Sometimes, physical pain can be an indication that an energetic blockage is present in the body. The advance energy practices that I use can help address pain and discomfort on all levels. I can gently bring the cells of the body back into energetic balance that help the body heal naturally.

    A great session if you are feeling ‘stuck’ and ‘unbalanced’ in life, need an energy boost or just feel you need to be cleared of negative energy you might have picked up from the environment or other people.

    Often laced with drops of spiritual wisdom and guidance, clients often remark "You said exactly what it was I needed to hear!"

    Ideal and safe for conception, pregnancy, preventing post-partum depression and post-birth after care. Beneficial for babies who are having problems sleeping, settling down and who are colic.
  • Shiatsu Thearpy ~ Japanese Massage

    Shiatsu relieves tension and soreness throughout the body, knots in back & shoulders, relieves headaches & migraines, increases circulation, strengthens the immune system, and is used as a preventative measure in maintaining a healthy body!

    Shiatsu is a traditional form of Japanese healing, similar to massage, that stimulates the body’s natural ability to re-balance and relieve itself of tension. Direct pressure using the hands, fingers and arms are applied to specific points along the body to encourage the flow of circulation and energy. Tight muscles are kneaded and stretched in order to alleviate tension and melt away stress.

    With all the same great benefits as a traditional massage, without the oils and remaining clothed, Shiatsu is always enjoyed by everyone. Sessions are adapted to the unique needs of each client. Deep or gentle pressure preference ensures Shiatsu is suitable for everyone!

    ....Because you really are worthy of being taken care of, feeling good and having a body that makes life pleasurable, not painful.