Dried Apple Rings

It’s apple season in North America right now and what a better way to enjoy them: sliced, baked and seasoned with cinnamon. What You Need: 2 Apples 1/4 tsp Cinnamon 1/8 tsp Nutmeg or All Spice 1 tbsp Coconut Palm Sugar (optional)   Please please please do not use brown or w

Strawberry Ice Cream – Dairy Free

Wanting a guilt-free “Ice Cream” treat? This simple frozen dessert is a sure bet. Are you aware that regular commercial ice cream is full of additives, chemicals, and modified ingredients. The calories and ‘fats’ that are often associated with ice cream are the


Chocolate Fudgesicles! (raw, dairy-free, healthy and delish!) In the blender add: 1/2 cup raw smooth almond butter (hazelnut is amazing too!) (or finely ground almonds & 1 tbsp water) 4 tbsp cocoa powder 10 pitted dates (soak in hot water for 5 minutes prior to adding) 1 tbsp mapl

Popcorn Creativity

¬† Most people love to snack, especially in the evenings and especially while watching a movie or tv. Except once that big bowl of popcorn is finished, remorse of eating something ‘buttery-fattening’ sets in. No need to feel guilty with these 3 Healthy Popcorn Recipes: 1. C

Cranberry Apple Almond Bake

This wholesome (and quick to make) bake is a great alternative to the traditional apple crumble. Think of it as a new modern day twist, that is bursting with different flavours and textures. If you have apples that have lost their ‘crispiness’ this a quick & delicious

Cocoa Bliss Balls

Welcome guest blogger and Namaste Inspired Athletics owner Liz Zdunich to our community! She posted this delicious recipe on her blog and offered to share it with all of you too! I made these yummy treats and they were oh-la-la-licious! A perfect chocolate fix, but without the process

Sesame Almond Balls

A great recipe for a slightly sweet but super healthy dessert! Full of protein these bitty balls pack a punch full of energy. Especially great to enjoy after a workout or exercise which will benefit the muscles. 1/2 C sesame seeds 1/2 C almond butter 1/4 C toasted pumpkin seeds 1/4 C

15 Minute Peanut Butter Cookies

These soft cookies are amazing. A full blast of peanut flavour, but without all the other crap cookies are known for including butter, white sugar and flour. These babies only take me 15 minutes from start to finish to make & bake. A great quick grab if you’re on your way to

Olive Oil Butter

¬†Creating a healthy and holistic lifestyle doesn’t happen all at once. It starts with small steps and simple changes. Try making this quick and easy Olive Oil Butter for a healthier option. Refrigerate and use as you would regular butter. Most people who use this 1/2 and 1/2 ver

Ultimate Smoothie

Want a very healthy start to your day? Try my ultimate smoothie: Banana – 1 whole Strawberries – 2/3 c Blueberries – 2/3 c Cranberries – 2/3 c Lime (few squeezes from a fresh one) Ground flax seeds – 1 tbsp Ground hemp seeds – 1 tbsp Protein Powder