Be the light in someone’s dark day

Over the past few days, I’m hearing from friends and colleagues about another hurting heart, another injury, another loss, another set back, another sad goodbye, another challenging road block. I’m seeing these people I care about caught up in that tender and fragile wave

Who Am I?

  Who am I? 

”I am a dream chaser, an art maker, a belly laugher and spiritual enthusiast. I love the sun on my face, a map in my hand and an unexplored path before me. My dog is my sidekick and together we climb mountains, trek in the forest and seek solace by the ocean —

Why I Thanked My Ex For Breaking My Heart

  Why I Thanked My Ex For Breaking My Heart… and the Spiritual Way I Healed. Earlier this year my relationship of 6 years dissolved. It wasn’t a messy breakup, nor did either one of us do anything wrong. After 6 years of being together, most couples would say “I

When Love Made Me Cry In The Middle Of The Dance Floor

Love is a powerful force. It can envelope you in comfort in the most peculiar places, like in the middle of a dance floor. Last night after a heart expanding dance class, I was lying in stillness, allowing all thoughts to fade away. When my mind was clear, it allowed my heart to be he

7 Ways to Weave Affirmations Into Your Life

  1. Passwords Change your most commonly used passwords to something inspiring like: IamBeautiful. PeaceLoveJoy. Abund@nce. IamHealthy. If you are typing it out multiple times a day it will surely sink in deep.   2. Sticky Notes Fill your walls, fridge, doors and house with littl

My Mantra

  There are many things that inspire me in life. Words are one of them. Words that fulfill every inch of my being especially inspire me. When we see something on a daily basis, it starts to sink in deep…. real deep. To the depth of where the heart, soul and spirit are house

Expand Your Intuition With Love

I have been spending many hours working on expanding my intuition over these past few weeks and felt called to share this process with you. One of the best practices that you can do to help with intuition expansion is to focus on love within your heart. Love radiates a positive vibrat

6 Tips to Feel Fabulous

There is one thing you strive for in your life: To feel fabulous! * To have a body that is pain free and allows you to live life to the fullest without limitations. * To have a calm and peaceful mind that allows you to enjoy each moment of your day. * To have an unlimited amount of en

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For What You Want

I had a triumphant day today! I received over $20 back from my bank….. all because I asked for it. As a bonus, I also improved my health, you’ll see why by the end of this post. Have you ever noticed that something just wasn’t right but were too scared to make a move

Inspiring Words

  It is one thing to read inspiring quotes and say ‘oohh I like that!”… but it is another thing to decide you are worth the time and effort to actually live by it for the next week, month or year. Go for it! You deserve to live an inspired life. I believe in you