Be the light in someone’s dark day

Over the past few days, I’m hearing from friends and colleagues about another hurting heart, another injury, another loss, another set back, another sad goodbye, another challenging road block. I’m seeing these people I care about caught up in that tender and fragile wave

When Love Made Me Cry In The Middle Of The Dance Floor

Love is a powerful force. It can envelope you in comfort in the most peculiar places, like in the middle of a dance floor. Last night after a heart expanding dance class, I was lying in stillness, allowing all thoughts to fade away. When my mind was clear, it allowed my heart to be he

My Mantra

  There are many things that inspire me in life. Words are one of them. Words that fulfill every inch of my being especially inspire me. When we see something on a daily basis, it starts to sink in deep…. real deep. To the depth of where the heart, soul and spirit are house

Healing with Rose Quartz

Gemstones and Crystals are said to have many healing properties with each stone having its own characteristics. One of my favourite stones that I use in my healing sessions with clients is the Rose Quartz. It is a beautiful light pink stone that brings a sense of calm and peace just l

6 Tips to Feel Fabulous

There is one thing you strive for in your life: To feel fabulous! * To have a body that is pain free and allows you to live life to the fullest without limitations. * To have a calm and peaceful mind that allows you to enjoy each moment of your day. * To have an unlimited amount of en

Mantra for Healing

From the very first time I heard this beautiful mantra being sung by Snatam Kaur, it has resonated within me on such a deep healing level. When a friend of mine lost her daughter, I was sitting there in a shocked, greif stricken state, having a hard time processing what had happened a

Inspiring Words

  It is one thing to read inspiring quotes and say ‘oohh I like that!”… but it is another thing to decide you are worth the time and effort to actually live by it for the next week, month or year. Go for it! You deserve to live an inspired life. I believe in you

Chakra Energy Centers

by guest writer Vivian Osal In humans the major Chakras are in a vertical line down centre of body, and in animals a more triangular placement. Different traditions describe different numbers of Chakras – some 7, some 8 and even some 12. The ones we deal with in Reiki are the 7 main a

Energy Healing Principles

There are many branches of the energy healing tree including Reiki, Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Healing and many many more. While each practitioner will have their own way of working with energy and what they will do with their clients, most of them b

Whole Health Approach – The 6 Foundations of Health

A holistic health approach means addressing the whole person, not just the body. The Body, Mind and Spirit (or Energy) are all considered and improved in order to be balanced and have optimal health and well-being. There are 6 key foundations of your health that need to be assessed an