Orange Spice Tea

Sometimes all you need to feel warm and cozy is a nice cup (or pot) of tea! It’s always an added bonus when what you are nourishing your mind and spirit with, is also nourishing your body. Here are the health benefits of this tea: Orange Antioxidant Lowers blood pressure Boosts

Cold and Flu Tea

This is the perfect sweet and yummy tea that soothes a sore throat and helps heal the cold and flu. This recipe makes enough to keep in a jar in your fridge that will last for weeks and intensifies the flavor. Here are the health benefits of this tea: Honey Antibacterial –  proh

Lemon Ginger Tea

This tea is a cold and flu must. It boosts your immune system with both the lemon and ginger. If you have plugged sinuses, the ginger will help relieve them (add in a small pinch of Cayenne pepper to really open them up). What you need: 1-2 Squeezes of fresh Lemon 1/2 inch of fresh gi