Eggs In Pepper

Serve your eggs in this creative way: Inside a slice of pepper! What you need: Eggs Peppers, sliced to about 1/2 to 1 inch thick Salt, Pepper & Herbs to taste Additional goodies like: feta cheese, diced tomatoes, diced zucchini etc   How to: Slice the peppers to about 1/2R

Cranberry Apple Almond Bake

This wholesome (and quick to make) bake is a great alternative to the traditional apple crumble. Think of it as a new modern day twist, that is bursting with different flavours and textures. If you have apples that have lost their ‘crispiness’ this a quick & delicious

Fruity Power Breakfast

As you probably already know, I am really not a fan of anything processed. That especially goes for breakfast. This meal starts your entire day off, so you have a choice: Nourish your body and revitalize your energy or Zap your energy, causing yourself to feel fatigued by choosing som