Sesame Almond Balls

A great recipe for a slightly sweet but super healthy dessert! Full of protein these bitty balls pack a punch full of energy. Especially great to enjoy after a workout or exercise which will benefit the muscles. 1/2 C sesame seeds 1/2 C almond butter 1/4 C toasted pumpkin seeds 1/4 C


This tasty little bowl of healthy goodness is a great addition to any dinner, or as a snack between meals. The lemon and garlic are great for the cold and flu season. Chick Peas pack a punch when it comes to fiber, protein, iron and manganese. So don’t be afraid to splurge when

15 Minute Peanut Butter Cookies

These soft cookies are amazing. A full blast of peanut flavour, but without all the other crap cookies are known for including butter, white sugar and flour. These babies only take me 15 minutes from start to finish to make & bake. A great quick grab if you’re on your way to

Tomato Basil Bombs

 I call them tomato basis bombs because of the sharp flavours that explode in your mouth as you eat them. A very quick and easy recipe to assemble on the fly if needing a quickie appetizer for a dinner party or potluck. They are healthy and eye catching and you’ll be sure to gat

Olive Oil Butter

 Creating a healthy and holistic lifestyle doesn’t happen all at once. It starts with small steps and simple changes. Try making this quick and easy Olive Oil Butter for a healthier option. Refrigerate and use as you would regular butter. Most people who use this 1/2 and 1/2 ver

Mango Salsa

It’s no secret that I love to be in the kitchen creating healthy ‘clean’ meals for my family. There are only a few opportunities where my lovely ‘sous chef’ Eric will take the lead and make a fabulous dish. This is one of his amazingly delicious recipes:

Ultimate Smoothie

Want a very healthy start to your day? Try my ultimate smoothie: Banana – 1 whole Strawberries – 2/3 c Blueberries – 2/3 c Cranberries – 2/3 c Lime (few squeezes from a fresh one) Ground flax seeds – 1 tbsp Ground hemp seeds – 1 tbsp Protein Powder