Be the light in someone’s dark day

Over the past few days, I’m hearing from friends and colleagues about another hurting heart, another injury, another loss, another set back, another sad goodbye, another challenging road block. I’m seeing these people I care about caught up in that tender and fragile wave

Taking the Glamour Out of Meditation

Today I meditated. The sun was sparkling above me. The breeze slightly warmer than usual caressing my skin. I closed my eyes and fell into that beautiful space of mindful clarity. I quietly started humming ‘Ommmm’ as my legs crossed and finger tips touched each other in th

Who Am I?

  Who am I? 

”I am a dream chaser, an art maker, a belly laugher and spiritual enthusiast. I love the sun on my face, a map in my hand and an unexplored path before me. My dog is my sidekick and together we climb mountains, trek in the forest and seek solace by the ocean —

Why I Thanked My Ex For Breaking My Heart

  Why I Thanked My Ex For Breaking My Heart… and the Spiritual Way I Healed. Earlier this year my relationship of 6 years dissolved. It wasn’t a messy breakup, nor did either one of us do anything wrong. After 6 years of being together, most couples would say “I

Waiting For What You Yearn For

“What ever you are seeking… is also trying to reach you.” Let these 11 words be confirmation that your prayers have been heard. That what your heart and soul are yearning for deep down inside, is out there, making its way to you. The waiting phase can be a challengin

The ‘Feel Good’ Way to Say No to Charities and Fundraisers

We have all had that experience of being forced to listen to, or read about, a {usually deserving} charity or fundraiser happening either locally or globally. Especially when they come knocking on your door, calling you over the dinner hour and now, because of our inter-connectedness

Mettā Meditation

Mettā simply means ‘Loving Kindness’ Wikipedia defines it as: In meditation, I find using the ‘Metta’ or Loving Kindness approach to be the easiest. It’s simply sending loving thoughts to yourself, others and our world. What I love most about this: I get

Creating Prosperity + Abundance in Your Life

…. Because opening the flow of energy of money, gifts, opportunities and prosperity can be as easy as dedicating time to say this mantra | affirmation. Do you live in a mindset of fear + lack? or do you believe that there is enough to come to you too? That you are WORTHY to rece

13 Things to Say to Impress (and Turn On) a Holistic Health Girl

I’ll be the first to admit that not everyone in my life ‘gets’ what I’m into. Because some of my favourite things are, how shall I say it, “alternative”, it really impresses me when someone I am least expecting to will ‘speak my language’

Surviving the Chaos

As I sit here writing this note, I am surrounded by 5 kids yelling their affections to their uncle who is chasing them around the house, an espresso machine squealing away, dogs barking and adults attempting to talk over all the other noise… It’s chaotic to say the least.