The Simplest Way to Move Forward: Forgive

We all get to a time in our lives where we might feel ‘stuck’ – it might be that we are stuck in the same old life patterns, or we might be noticing stuck emotions. Are there times you feel a constant heaviness or weight on your shoulders? A lack of ‘zest for l

My Mantra

  There are many things that inspire me in life. Words are one of them. Words that fulfill every inch of my being especially inspire me. When we see something on a daily basis, it starts to sink in deep…. real deep. To the depth of where the heart, soul and spirit are house

Mantra for Healing

From the very first time I heard this beautiful mantra being sung by Snatam Kaur, it has resonated within me on such a deep healing level. When a friend of mine lost her daughter, I was sitting there in a shocked, greif stricken state, having a hard time processing what had happened a

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For What You Want

I had a triumphant day today! I received over $20 back from my bank….. all because I asked for it. As a bonus, I also improved my health, you’ll see why by the end of this post. Have you ever noticed that something just wasn’t right but were too scared to make a move

How to Open Your Heart After Being Hurt

I would like to welcome another guest blogger to our community: Ann Thomas, founder of Evolving Goddess. Ann’s philosophy is simple: “You are a Goddess. You are a divine being that has the power to create the most beautiful life. Do you know how lovable, loved, and preciou

Inspiring Words

  It is one thing to read inspiring quotes and say ‘oohh I like that!”… but it is another thing to decide you are worth the time and effort to actually live by it for the next week, month or year. Go for it! You deserve to live an inspired life. I believe in you

Inspiration from Music and a Flashmob

Music has the power to not only reach the ear, but touch deep into the heart and soul. To me, music can be motivating, encouraging and inspiring. It influences my mood and emotions. When paired in a video with a story, it can even feel magical. You know what I’m talking about: W

Letting Go

“If you want change, you have to change.” This simple yet powerful quotation is so true. When it comes to change, something has to give. You have to let go of something in order to change. This might be a thought, a belief, a habit, a person, an emotion, a feeling, attachm

Don’t Worry… Just Love

What if you 100% knew that everything about you was accepted, honoured, valued, liked and loved? Letting go of fear means you can have 100% fun and fulfillment without worrying if you are dressed right, the necklace matches the shirt or your make up is on. What if everything you say i

My Gratitude Project

Happiness comes when you have gratitude in your life. “If you are not happy with what you have, how will you be happier with more?” With the above quotation as my inspiration, I started a Gratitude Project. The intention was to acknowledge all the good that is in my life.