Strawberry Ice Cream – Dairy Free

Wanting a guilt-free “Ice Cream” treat? This simple frozen dessert is a sure bet. Are you aware that regular commercial ice cream is full of additives, chemicals, and modified ingredients. The calories and ‘fats’ that are often associated with ice cream are the

Do You Need a ReBoot?

As I was working on my computer today, it started slowing down and taking a loooong time to process every single cilck and command. Being an older computer, this can happen more commonly now that it is rather full and always being used, at least 6-10 hours daily. At a point of extreme

6 Tips to Feel Fabulous

There is one thing you strive for in your life: To feel fabulous! * To have a body that is pain free and allows you to live life to the fullest without limitations. * To have a calm and peaceful mind that allows you to enjoy each moment of your day. * To have an unlimited amount of en

25 Ways to Relax and Chill Out

Did you know that stress contributes anywhere from 70% – 90% of ALL illness and diseases? Seriously, I’ve been checking out studies and research papers and this is what the medical research is finding. HOW you manage your stress is more important than how much stress is pr

Why Sleep is so Important

You ‘know’ sleep is important, but do you know why? Here are some very interesting facts and how sleep impacts your health and wellness. I’ve always wondered why I feel groggy when I wake up after 8 hours of sleep (it could be related to the stage of sleep I woke up

5 Tips to Keep the Week Healthier

Expert tips from nutritionista Meghan Telpner I am pretty sure I have heard all of the excuses for why people’s health goals fall by the wayside by the end of the week (or perhaps before the week even starts). To make it even trickier- we’re now in entering the time when w

You Are What You… Think?

You Are What You…. Think? What if I told you what you think, how you feel and what you believe can contribute to the pain, soreness and discomfort that shows up in your body? To some, this is a far-fetched idea. To others, this body-mind connection is easily accepted. When I wor

5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

If there is one common aspect of health that effects us all it’s energy. I hear this day in and day out: “aarrgghhh, I feel so drained!”, “I’m tired.”, “I have no energy!”…. and on and on and on. Here are some of the most common wo

Reduce Your Meal Time Stress

This article was written by Kristina Quinn of Par-T-Perfect Victoria, in which she asked for my expertise and advice on the ‘health’ aspect of incorporating meal planning into our daily lives: “We decided to team up with two fabulous local businesses – Lunchalicious

Foods to Treat Constipation

Being bunged up is a crappy feeling. Not only does it feel uncomfortable but it can be detrimental to your health. Think about all the toxic waste your body needs to release, just sitting up there in your intestines. Think: smelly gas, bloating, low back pain, lack of energy, acneR