Massage Therapy vs Spa Massage

I am over the moon excited to welcome Eric van der Wekken, RMT to the Lindsay Rose Holistic Health team! Eric is a fully trained and highly talented Registered Massage Therapist. Even though I practice registered Shiatsu Therapy, which is a Japanese form of massage/bodywork, Eric is a

Bring on the Fever

Sweating out a fever is a great, natural way of getting rid of infection —> So think twice before popping those pills to get rid of it!! A fever is an elevation in body temperature. It’s the body’s protective mechanism against infection. The elevation in temperatu

Relieve Sinus Pressure

The cold & flu season hits a couple times a year, and there is nothing worse then trying to go about daily functions with a congested head. For those of us who don’t want to reach for medications to suppress our immune systems, there is a natural & holistic health altern

Whole Health Approach – The 6 Foundations of Health

A holistic health approach means addressing the whole person, not just the body. The Body, Mind and Spirit (or Energy) are all considered and improved in order to be balanced and have optimal health and well-being. There are 6 key foundations of your health that need to be assessed an

Tap for Immunity Boost

Tap Tap Tap…. Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap…. That is all it takes to give your immune system the boost it needs to be stronger and more resilient this cold & flu season. Gently tapping the middle of the chest on the sternum (breastbone) helps to stimulate the thymus which is ne

Foods to Fight the Cold and Flu

Be a SuperHero: Fight Off & Prevent the Cold & Flu We are approaching the Cold and Flu season. Have you ever noticed that it comes right at a time of high stress: We are in a season of change, from summer to autumn, and change can be stressful. Kiddies are back in school. Work

Holistic Health Approach to Cancer

  If there is one word that is more toxic than any other swear word, I’d say it’s the ‘C’ word — CANCER. I think all of us has been affected by this disease. Some have or had these abnormal cells within their body, others have family and friends who have