What my clients say...

A true gem and asset to Victoria's health and wellness community.

What my students say...

Lindsay Rose... I don't think you realize how cool you are.

What my friends say...

Lindsay, you're one of the most down-to-earth woo-woo people I know!

What my family say...

Are you moving out west to be one of those hippy "heal-with-love" type of people?

The Longer Version...

Lindsay Rose believes in love, vulnerability and seeing beauty in everyone she meets. She may be a holistic health practitioner, a Reiki teacher and a retreat leader in practice, but really, her true art is much deeper than that. She is a Body Balancer, a Mind Relaxer, a Soul Inspirer and a Life Aligner.

For 18 years, and over 1200 sessions later, her intuition and healing hands have graced the energy fields of beautiful people like Spirit Junkie, Gabby Bernstein and Burlesque Extraordinaire, Miss Rosie Bitts. She has worked with hundreds of clients and students from far and wide including Europe, Australia, Japan and all over North America. Some even refer to her as “the body, mind & spirit whisperer” yet agree she is the “most down to earth woo-woo person” they know. 

Lindsay Rose feels incredibly honored to be trusted by hundreds of other practitioners and Reiki Masters who come to her when they need to be renewed, uplifted, and expanded. Essentially, she gets called the "healer of the healers" and feels it is a rich blessing to be the spark for all the other beautiful souls who light our world on fire.

When she’s not playing with energy and designing retreats, you will find her dancing around her living room, belly-laughing or soul searching..... sometimes all at once. 

Look for drops of inspiration, spiritual wisdom and upcoming retreats at LindsayRoseHeal.com or check out her classes over at ReikiEnergySchool.com